Living Nativity 2014-2015

 Living Nativity 2014-2015

The Calavino’s Pro Loco ( turns over the Christmas period,the characteristic halls of the “Rione Mas“, which is the oldest part of the village, in the village of Bethlehem, in order to give life to the sacred representation of the Living Nativity. The event is inspired by the values ​​of tra
dition, through a reconstruction of the environment in which occurred the birth of Jesus and the representation of the key moments of the historic event.
Walking through the square, accompanied by the sweet notes of wonderful Christmas songs, you can watch the real work of artisans, throwing the audience into a world of 2,000 years ago, making him relive the same feelings and emotions that the poor, the pastors of the Bethlehem proved true in being witnesses to a miracle. In the narrow streets and small squares, on which there are typical wound-type agricultural and craft of the past, will be represented on ancient crafts; as the carpenter, the grinder, the potter, the blacksmith, the engraver, the inn, the shepherds of the field and so on. All the characters will be wearing the costume of the period and will move within a scenery made ​​by the experts of Pro Loco with a few months of hard work.
Also this year the organizers have prepared a rich program to offer everyone a special moment of serenity.
 The Nativity of Calavino: an adventure to discover and live between tradition typical of
Trentino’s land.

For more info:
– Consorzio Pro Loco Valle dei Laghi, Trento Monte Bondone
tel_ 0461864400
Apt Trento Monte Bondone Valle dei Laghi
tel: 0461216000
Living Nativity 2014-2015
Living Nativity: the program

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